How to start an Essay | Al Essay Writer SmartScribe?

How to start an Essay | Al Essay Writer SmartScribe?

Are you gazing at the blank sheet of paper and have no idea where to start? Don't worry. This article makes this task easy for you. Just like any piece of content writing, starting an essay requires a proper understanding of the topic. You need to gather relevant ideas and then organize the information to take an engaging start.

So, you need to do proper planning to generate better essays. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is integrated to produce essays in seconds. Many AI essay writer tools help writers to create high-quality content. Research shows that AI enhances the content output by up to 10X. Let's get into this.

How to start an essay- 5 Steps

You might be thinking about how to create good essays. As a beginner, it might be challenging, but with this guide, you can be able to do engaging essay writing. You just need to follow these 5 steps to produce a lasting impression on the reader.

Prepare an outline for your essay

The first step to start an essay is to improvise a general overview of your topic. You need to organize all the sections that need to be covered in your writing. For this purpose, you have to do proper research to find innovative ideas for your essay writing. So, plotting and creating a rough outline before start writing an essay is significant.

Many Al essay writer tools simplify this task for the writers. They automatically generate the proper outline of the topic as per their preferences.

Take a grabbing introduction

The essay's first few sentences act as an attention grabber for the readers. So, you need to begin your essay in a fascinating way. According to your topic, you can use quotes, statistics, anecdotes, and other hooks to catch the reader's attention. Keep your sentences short and clear to enhance readability.

Present the main idea in the body

The body of the essay integrates the main content of the topic. You can support your argument with evidence, references, and examples to induce clarity. For example, if you are doing a research project, you need to provide in-depth knowledge about the topic to convince the reader. In today's digital world, AI essay writing simplifies this task. The tools use artificial intelligence to widen your information about a certain topic.

Summarize the topic in the conclusion

This is the last part of your essay. Don't leave it vague and unclear for the reader. When the readers run out of time, they just read the conclusion part to grasp the gist of the whole essay. So, summarize the main points of your topic in a concise way to give a clear ending to your reader.

Revise and proofread your essay

After drafting the essay, it's time to revise and proofread your writing. Give a quick read to your essay and spot the errors. Rectify all the grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, wordiness, unclear sentences, and other problems you may find. Then, after revising and proofreading your essay, it is ready to go.

Simplify your essay writing with Al Essay Writer SmartScribe

Do you want to save your research hours and overcome writer's block? AI essay writer SmartScribe simplifies your essay writing complications using artificial intelligence. This efficient writing tool helps you to improvise an adequate outline for your essay in no time. 

Essay writer Al refines your essay by offering a paraphrasing feature. You can rewrite the sentences to make them clearer and more comprehensible. It leverages Al algorithms to produce unique and error-free content. 66% of American adults claim that AI writing reduces human errors.

Moreover, you can also check the plagiarism of an essay with the built-in scanner of the tool. This Al essay writer also deepens your knowledge about a certain topic by giving you more ideas and information. So, you can simplify your essay writing with the Al essay writing tool.


In short, if you are struggling with how to start an essay, you need to do proper planning related to your topic. Make an outline and use a grabbing style to catch your reader. After writing your essay draft, don't forget to proofread and check for plagiarism. To simplify your task and save time, you can use Al essay writer SmartScribe. It helps you to write high-quality essays using artificial intelligence. So, what makes you wait?  

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