9 Effective Ways to Overcome Writer's Block | What's the Reason?

What’s one of the worst things that can happen to a writer? Writer’s block! Ideas start vanishing from your mind, and it feels like the creativity section of your brain has gone on vacation. If you’re looking for effective ways to overcome writer's block, you’ve finally come to the right place.

But, before getting to the solution, you need to know what causes writer's block.

Causes of Writer’s Block

In a survey of 428 university students, 70% claimed they occasionally suffered from writer’s block, while 24% claimed they always suffered from the problem.

Some causes of writer’s block include:

  • You’re too afraid to put your ideas out there for critique.
  • Stress or anxiety from your personal life is inhibiting your writing process.
  • You’re overworked, and your brain has exhausted its creative ability.
  • You have too much information on the topic and can’t decide what to start.

Different people may have different reasons for the problem. Before looking for ways to overcome writer's block, you must identify what is causing the problem for you.

Now that you’ve thought over and identified the cause, let’s talk about some ways to overcome writer's block.

  1. Step Back

Sometimes, stepping back to take a break is necessary, especially if you’re overworked. Stop worrying about what to write, and get a good night's rest. Nothing is better for burnout than sleeping it off.

Once your brain gets a much-needed recharge, its creative juices will flow in no time.

Research has found that even taking micro-breaks helps people work more efficiently and enhances their working performance.

  1. Write Anything and Everything

Another way of getting rid of all that mental fog is to write it all out. The writing topic doesn’t have to be the one you’re stuck on. It can be anything from your favorite color to the frustrating emotions you’re going through at that moment.

Charles Bukowski says,

Writing about writer's block is better than not writing at all.”

Ignore the punctuation and structure of your sentences, and just write. This lets you tap into your brain and seek out deep, hidden words and ideas.

  1. Meditation

Sometimes the stress and anxiety in your life form a barrier to your thought process, keeping your creativity at bay. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to overcome writer's block if you’re in constant distress and despair.

Columbia University Medical Center found through research that meditation relaxes your brain and alters its structure. This, in turn, reduces stress and anxiety while improving your focus and attention span.

  1. Get out of the house

Writers often forget that they have a life outside of their profession. Your lost creativity can be found again by engaging in creative activities outside of writing. Put your computer down and go do anything that’ll give you joy.

This is one of the most fun ways to overcome writer's block. You can go on a hike, take a swim, or even hang out with some friends. Talking about your ideas with others and listening to their advice can also help with your writing.

  1. Map out your points

Among all the ways to overcome writer's block, the mapping technique is always great for those who don’t want to step away from their work. Forget all the things you don’t know and just jot down the ones you do. Make a rough outline of what you want to write or how you want the story to go.

There is no need for details. Then work on those points one at a time so that your brain isn’t bombarded with multiple ideas simultaneously.

  1. Use a writing tool

When all else fails, technology has got your back. Using writing tools is one of the popular ways to overcome writer's block. Check out SmartScribe to get a good idea of how this tool can help you with your writing process.

It’s very easy to use; you just need to type in your topic and your required keywords. The app will generate a unique piece of content based on the information you provide, which you can use as is or to get an idea of how to approach the topic.

  1. Look from a new point of view

Sometimes you think that you’ve exhausted all your options for a storyline when you’re looking from a single point of view. Yet the story still feels incomplete. Most writers know too much about their stories and are confused about how to use all that information.

Changing your point of view to that of a beginner writer or reader gives you a peek into all the possible scenarios that could excite, sadden, or even shock them. 

  1. Distraction control

With social media notifications constantly interrupting your writing, it’s no surprise you’re getting nowhere. A social media cleanse might not be one of the most exciting ways to overcome writer's block, but it’s highly effective.

Power off your phone and put it in your closet. Don’t keep it on your writing desk; it’ll just tempt you to open it back up. Make sure your phone is out of sight and the landline is unplugged, and see how the ideas smoothly start to type themselves on your screen.

  1. Bore your brain

This may sound absurd, but hear me out. With writer's block, the brain refuses to cooperate no matter how much you stare at your screen, hoping for inspiration. One of the ways to overcome writer's block is to do the most boring things you can think of.

Lay down on the grass and watch how the clouds move, stare out your window, or even watch some paint dry if you have to. Boring your brain will eventually cause it to crave some action and force it to kickstart with creativity. 

Bottom Line

Every writer experiences writer's block at some point in their career. However, the cause for everyone may be different. Similarly, some of these writer's block cures will work better for some than others.

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