5 Best Al tools for Digital Marketing

5 Best Al tools for Digital Marketing

The use of Artificial intelligence has been integrated into the field of digital marketing. Various entrepreneurs are using AI tools to promote their businesses. According to Statista, more than 80 percent of industry experts use AI technology in online marketing activities. It keeps their customers engaged and ultimately boosts their sales. 

So, if you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, or influencer, you can optimize your marketing campaigns using Al tools for digital marketing.

AI tools for Digital Marketing

Are you looking for top AI-powered tools? Here, we've listed the best AI tools for Digital marketing purposes. As a user, you can get many benefits from artificial intelligence for marketing. You can improve personalized decisions using automation. Similarly, you can create efficient content and predict customer behavior using Al tools for digital marketing. 

Research shows that 48% of marketers cited that Al makes a significant difference in customer interaction. Let's get into this.

  1. SmartScribe

SmartScribe uses artificial intelligence for content marketing. You can leverage AI learning algorithms to create unique and engaging content.


This AI tool for digital marketing can assist you in writing about any topic of your choice. You can develop your main idea for your blog post, essay, or research project. It helps you to solve the writing complexities and cut your research hours.

This tool also offers a paraphrase feature to improve written communication and increase content readability. Additionally, the built-in plagiarism scanner ensures that your marketing content should be innovative and original.


The monthly package offers a 7-day free trial; then, you have to pay £9/month.

The yearly package also gives you a 7-day free access, and then you have to bill £90/ year. You can also get a 17% discount on this offer.

  1. Brand24

Brand24 is an intelligence tool that gives you a deeper insight into your business’ reputation and tracks your marketing strategies.


This Al tool allows you to monitor social media and measure the results of your marketing campaigns. It offers you a platform to track the customer's feedback in real-time.

It improves your customer service by providing a deep analysis of competitors, marketing insights, and brand performance.


The pricing starts at $49.

  1. Synthesia

This is one of the best Al tools for digital marketing. You can create persuasive videos to engage your customers.


Synthesia allows you to utilize artificial intelligence to create videos in 65 languages and accents. Its intuitive interface will enable you to generate professional videos at a 10x faster rate.

You can turn the text into AI voiceovers. Thus, you no longer need to record your voice. Moreover, you can use 70+ avatars and create custom ones per your preference. Also, you can edit and update the video in minutes.


The personal plan is for $30/month.

The corporate plan is customized as per your business needs.

  1. Beacons

Beacons is an Al tool for digital marketing that focuses on link building.


This platform helps you market your e-commerce business using AI technology. You can monetize your social media accounts with innovative e-commerce tools. It also offers a website builder feature to create free landing pages with highly customized backgrounds and buttons.

Moreover, this software also allows you to embed your content from social sites into your website. So, you can integrate your videos, posts, and other stuff on your website.


The creator plan is free to use.

The entrepreneur plan is worth $10/month.

  1. Seventh Sense

This AI marketing tool is specially designed to optimize your email campaigns to enhance the customer experience.


You can use this software to schedule the most optimal delivery time for each customer. This smart platform allows you to send emails at an ideal time and frequency to engage with your audience. Thus, you can drive better results with your digital marketing moves.

Moreover, Seventh Sense uses AI and machine learning technology to automate the whole process. It is helpful for organizations that send hundreds of emails a week and reduces work-induced anxiety. It is especially available for HubSpot and Marketo users.


For HubSpot users starts at $64/month for 5000 contacts.

For Marketo users, it begins at $360/month with 50 thousand leads included.


In short, if you are looking for the best Al tools for digital marketing, then consider the above-discussed options. For instance, you want to create innovative and engaging content. Don't worry. You can use SmartScribe to produce fascinating content to market your brand. With intelligence and machine learning technology, you can paraphrase the text and check the plagiarism as well. So, what makes you wait? Get Started Now!

Are you a student or content creator? Try SmartScribe today!

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